Dames Brown

Dames Brown D

ames Brown is a 3-piece girl act from Detroit that features the production behind one Stateside’s modern day Soul impresario’s Amp Fiddler.

When backing superstars on stages across the USA, Dames Brown’s powerful blend pushes the star to peak performance distinctly heard against full-throated bands and ensembles. Now out front and rising to the occasion of their initial record single, the trio remind audiences that 3 great voices make good songs great fun. Dames Brown is; Lisa Cunningham, Jael Coston Teresa Marbury.

This debut single release pays homage to the musical heritage that is steeped in Detroit from the 60’s soul explosion of the likes of girl groups including The Supremes, The Marvelettes & Martha & The Vandellas! Soul Fly bridges the gap between those infamous girl groups and the pioneering electronic futurists that keep today’s dance floors alight with pioneering techno-ists Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and more. The three ladies Dames Brown express the raw soul power of a Motown sounding yesteryear colliding with the futurism of Detroit’s electronic heart.