Jeff Canady

Jeff_Canady B

orn and raised in the city of Detroit, Jeff Canady began playing the drums at age four.  Because of his extraordinary talent, Jeff became the full time drummer at age seven at the church the attended.  At the youthful age of seventeen, Jeff co-founded a soulful jazz ensemble called Enchanted which secured weekly engagements and regular performances until the group disbanded to pursue other musical endeavors in 02/2006.

The energy, sound, creative style and deliverance of Jeff’s performance captivate and hypnotize his audience, creating more fans with each drum beat.  As a talented performer, songwriter and producer, Jeff has been able to continue to develop his craft while working with some of the industry greats.

Over the years, Jeff has performed with Lin Rountree, Yancy, Karen Clark-Sheard, Evelyn Agee, Derrick Mylan, David Myles, Mark Mix and Lola Morales to name a few.  In addition to performing with these artists, Jeff has recorded and produced songs with David Myles, Lin Rountree and Larae Starr.  He has opened for numerous artists including Michael Franks, Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore, Rashaan Patterson, Rachelle Farrell and Peter White.

While Jeff continues to perform locally and tour, he is prepared to release his debut CD titled “From Heart and Soul” this year…a CD that he has written and produced.  Once you have been captivated with his performance, you are sure to be amazed with the multiple levels of talent he displays on this powerful collection of music!