Keisha Lanae’

Keisha Lanae' S

ophisticated, smooth, angelic, classic, chic…no matter what you call her style, those who know Keisha Lanae’ bear witness of her phenomenal talent and versatility, singing mezzo soprano, alto, or contralto. Her early influences include Whitney Houston and Rachelle Ferrell.

As far back as she can remember, music was at the center of Keisha’s life. Though she was only an infant, she remembers being at band rehearsals with her mother who sang lead vocals and her father who played piano and lead guitar. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Keisha began singing, playing piano, song writing, producing music, and studio recording all before she was 10. Her early instruction on the piano came from her father and later through the Center for Creative Studies with Russian pianist, Isabella Vilensky, the late Harold McKinney and Pamela Wise. Keisha also began private voice study with Ronnie Rockman, at the age of 12.