Naima Shamborguer

Naima Shamborguer
“One of Detroit’s most gifted jazz singers, Naima Shamborguer, ups the ante on this often magical collection of ballads with her dark and richly textured voice and pinpoint pitch, Shamborguer brings a nuance of a natural storyteller and relaxed time- feel of a true jazz musician”
Mark Stryker- Detroit Free Press Music Critic


t is no secret that Naima Shamborguer has the chops and proves time and again that she does. From a Detroit family of professional musicians who musically trained her, she developed her highly artistic and fine polished vocal abilities as a youth. Naima sang at church, and concerts performing classical and jazz music.

The early years make up Naima’s unique eclectic style, with clear diction, and warm stage presence while performing jazz standards, Latin jazz, and be-bop. She has an uncanny knack for selecting beautiful ballads which move an audience and capture the heart and soul of their emotions and feelings with her smooth, sultry sound.

A “Motown” treasure, Naima has performed nationwide with the finest jazz masters known throughout the world including, Larry Willis, Geri Allen, Berry Harris, Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Burrell, James Carter, Steve Turre, Aqua Dixon, Rodney Whitaker Wendell Harrison, Donald Walden, Dwight Adams, Marion Hayden and Marcus Belgrave, Ken Cox. Rave reviews from jazz critics consistently appraise her musical talents and skills as one of the finest jazz song stylists.

A jazz virtuoso, Naima continues to conduct vocal workshops for aspiring musicians or aficionados. “Naima is not just a singer, she is an artist. She carries forth with the tradition of the great ladies of singing in jazz” – Steve Turre