Renee King Jackson

Renee King Jackson R

enee King Jackson is the playwright of “, Remembering Esther, The Capricorn Princess”. Ms. Jackson received a standing ovation as she transformed into the starring role of Little Esther. The late, great Jazz Master, Dr. Teddy Harris Jr. once said, “Renee’s voice is a masterpiece with just piano or an orchestra. Her rhythmic waves of expression are pure. She has the sound of old with a twist of new.”

Renee’s early vocal training with Dr. Rudolph Hawkins has awarded her with performances in several different genres of music. She performed as a Big Band singer for over 15 years with the Dezie McCullers Orchestra. Dezie is quoted as saying, “Renee’s approach to the music is refreshing. She has a voice you never get tired of listening to. She’s funny and captivating.” The Metro Times wrote, “Renee King Jackson takes her audience on a trip to fantasy land. She caresses your heart with Dazz, Razzmatazz and Rhythmic Explosion, leaving you begging for more,” Eddie B. Allen.

Renee’s unique song stylings have been enjoyed throughout the United States and abroad. A few highlights of her career include live performances at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas, the Carnival Cruise Line in international waters, The Kenney Crone Quintet – Ontario Canada, The International Wine Festival, the National Mayor’s Convention, MGM Grand Casino with Jazz Master, Dr. Teddy Harris Jr. and the Duke Ellington Sacred Music Jazz Series at MSU with Rodney Whitaker. She performed in the plays; “Strong Women Keep Coming”, “Rock My Soul” and Buku Productions Theatre Company’s, “Little Ghetto Boy: Donny Hathaway Tribute.”

Her first CD, “Friends & Lovers,” exemplifies her ability to command any track with an incredibly powerful-yet-soothing Jazz style. Metro Times gave it a 4 Star Rating. Ms. King Jackson was awarded “Best Jazz Vocalist of the Year,(2011)” by Detroit Black Music Awards. Also in 2012, Ms. Jackson received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Metropolitan United Methodist Church.

Renee’s lifelong adoration and respect for gospel music has inspired her to write her second play. “Renee King Jackson sings, Mahalia”, is written in the form of a musical honoring “The World’s Greatest Spiritual Singer, The Queen of Gospel Music” Mahalia Jackson.

Renee King Jackson and her star studded production promises to breathe life back into the story of beloved Mahalia Jackson who was born in the black pearl section of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1911.


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